Board of Directors

The SSO Board of Directors is elected by the members to oversee and advise on the overall operation of the organization. The Board’s function is to support the orchestra in several key areas including strategic planning, financial planning, community relations, and fundraising to sustain the orchestra. Meetings are held every two months; approximately two weeks prior to a concert. All orchestra members are invited to attend.

The SSO can have up to 19 board members who serve three year terms. Board members do not have to be a playing member of the orchestra, and in fact, it may be easier if they are not. Board members work in committees and often assist on concert night with functions such as tickets, ushering, and refreshments at intermission or backstage if needed.

The Board of Directors is composed of the following volunteer positions.

Richard Johnson President Exercises general policy management and control of the affairs of the SSO.
Cary Chabalowski Vice President Assists the President, coordinates annual events, and seeks out sponsor and partnership opportunities.
Vice President Assists the President, coordinates annual events, and seeks out talented people to serve on the Board of Directors.
Bernadette Solounias Secretary Records minutes, distributes notices of meetings, and assists Orchestra Manager with written correspondence.
Jim Weed Treasurer Pays bills, maintains all financial records, files tax forms, and provides financial information for grant reporting.
Sheldon Bair Music Director * Provides the artistic leadership (in concert with the artistic committee) through establishment of standards for performance, choice and balance of repertoire, artists and choral ensembles, and selection of musicians for vacancies. Rehearses and conducts for the four subscription concerts.
Amanda Mashack Orchestra Manager * Contracts with venue and artists, insures all logistics associated with rehearsals and concerts are tended to (video and audio taping, lighting, ushers, and stage paraphernalia). Supervises printing. Completes state and local grants.
Amanda Mashack Publicity Manager * Responsible for promotion of the SSO and its events and performances. Develops and distributes public relations and promotional information. Manages website content.
Amy Wilkinson Personnel Manager Manages rehearsal attendance records, maintains musician roster contact information, and distributes email notifications to members. Seeks out new talent and provides SSO audition information to prospective volunteer musicians.
Anne Pape Student Personnel Manager Manages the invitations for student musicians to join the SSO for Side-by-Side events, addresses student/family questions, and records attendance. Signs for community service reports.
Annelise Lorentzen & Kyle Richardson Librarian * Orders, receives, and returns music from/to vendors, marks parts for bowings and errata, distributes and collects music to/from musicians. Maintains music files and inventory.
Joan Beckett Board Member
Molly Chabalowski Board Member
Jessica Conklin Board Member
Laura Donall Board Member
Carlton Moss Board Member
Danielle W. Noe Board Member
Braeden Travers Board Member
Stacey Zyreik Board Member
VACANT Historian Works with the Publicity Manager on digitizing our archival items – photos, video, and audio – and building out our online history information.

*Position includes a small stipend