Adopt a Percussion Instrument

Are you looking for a tangible way to help the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra? Below is a list of percussion instruments that your donation can help us acquire. Individuals, families, businesses, or other groups can adopt a percussion instrument. We will announce your gift in future programs, here on our website, and with a plaque on the instrument when possible.

To “Adopt” a percussion instrument, contact our Orchestra Manager at

“Adopted” Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instrument(s) Donor(s)
Four (4) Tom toms (Concert), Suspended cymbals and stands, Musser chimes Donated by: The Agape Fund of InFaith Community Foundation (August 2014)
Bell Tree, in memory of Ed Shannahan Donated by: SSO Cellists – Laura Ruth Donall, Carol Scanlan, Michele Martin, Barb Hill, Elaine Bundy, Dr. Fred Gehris, and Arash Shahry
19″ Crash Cymbals Donated by: Mary Ellen and William Bates
Wood Blocks Donated by: Dr. Fred Gehris

The SSO’s Percussion Needs

Percussion Instruments Estimated Cost
Five (5) Timpani – (32″, 29″, 26″, 23″, 20″) $18,000
Marimba $9,000
Vibraphone $7,000
Xylophone $5,000
Orchestral Bells $2,350
40″ Gong $1,800
30″ Gong (Tam-Tam) $1,700
Trap Set $1,500
Bass Drum $1,400
Snare Drum $700
Two (2) Conga Drums $470
Temple Blocks $450
#4 Bells on Strap $185
#2 Bells on Strap $145
Bongo Drums $123
Large Sleigh Bells $100
Mounted Castanets $70
Guiro $60
Trophy Sleigh Bells $50
Cabasa $50
Shaker $40
Ratchet $30
Maracas $26