Adopt a Percussion Instrument

Are you looking for a tangible way to help the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra? Below is a list of percussion instruments that your donation can help us acquire. Individuals, families, businesses, or other groups can adopt a percussion instrument. We will announce your gift in future programs, here on our website, and with a plaque on the instrument when possible.

To “Adopt” a percussion instrument, contact our Orchestra Manager at

“Adopted” Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instrument(s) Donor(s)
Yamaha Keyboard, in memory of Judith A. Petzold Donated by her children
Percussion Utility Case, in loving memory of Bryan James Michalak Donated by Robert & Glenda Michalak
Four (4) Tom toms (Concert), Suspended cymbals and stands, Musser chimes Donated by The Agape Fund of InFaith Community Foundation (August 2014)
Bell Tree, in memory of Ed Shannahan Donated by SSO Cellists – Laura Ruth Donall, Carol Scanlan, Michele Martin, Barb Hill, Elaine Bundy, Dr. Fred Gehris, and Arash Shahry
19″ Crash Cymbals Donated by Mary Ellen and William Bates
Wood Blocks Donated by Dr. Fred Gehris

The SSO’s Percussion Needs


Percussion Instruments Estimated Cost
Five (5) Timpani – (32″, 29″, 26″, 23″, 20″) $18,000
Marimba $9,000
Vibraphone $7,000
Xylophone $5,000
Orchestral Bells $2,350
40″ Gong $1,800
30″ Gong (Tam-Tam) $1,700
Trap Set $1,500
Bass Drum $1,400
Snare Drum $700
Two (2) Conga Drums $470
Temple Blocks $450
#4 Bells on Strap $185
#2 Bells on Strap $145
Bongo Drums $123
Large Sleigh Bells $100
Mounted Castanets $70
Guiro $60
Trophy Sleigh Bells $50
Cabasa $50
Shaker $40
Ratchet $30
Maracas $26